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Live Experts Answering Your Spooktacular SAP Questions


Live QA - Everything SAP

Thursday, October 31, 2019, at 11:00 am CST

On a day that celebrates the dead. Reveal celebrates live SAP experts for a QA session addressing your fangtastic questions on how your business could use SAP more effectively and overcome supply chain horrors.

SAP Versions: SAP ECC 6, SAP S/4 On-Premise, SAP S/4 Public Cloud

Potential Topics:

  • Invisible Data Ghastly
  • Traceability Costs That Rise from the Dead
  • Reports with Cobwebs
  • Scary Inventory Performance
  • Screaming Customers
  • RIP Supplier Performance
  • Spreadsheet Horrors
  • Missing Shipments

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In this session, we are going to try and address as many questions as possible.

Please email us in advance the topic or questions(s) that you would like addressed.

In addition, we will address live questions that are presented during the session.

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